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Shannon Wyatt, LPCC


I work with children and teens who are struggling.  As a parent, you may notice your child feels overly sad, tired, unmotivated and withdrawn.  Some have sleep changes and excessive worry.  Others become irritable, argumentative, and have frequent conflict with peers and/or caregiver relationships. School grades may drop. Other problems may include extreme mood swings, self-harm, and aggression. Reactions may seem over-reactive or "melodramatic".  Both children and caregivers become frustrated, angry, sometimes even hopeless.  Sometimes both of you need support and guidance in meeting these challenges.

I enjoy building collaborative relationships with kids and caregivers to help them through struggles.  I use age-appropriate cognitive, behavioral, and dialectical strategies to encourage effective coping and problem-solving.

Growing up—AND parenting—can be hard. I collaborate with caregivers to understand and respond in ways that build relationships, self-value and self-regulation. I look forward to joining with you to learn how I can best meet your needs.

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