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Rae Holliday, LMFT

She, Her, Hers

Families are really complicated. Kids and parents don’t always know how to communicate their feelings constructively and just aren’t on the same page. Couples may not have the same ideas about parenting and are also trying to sort out how they want their true family to look. The ups and downs of life may be testing you or your family’s resilience.


You may be trying to keep your calm and be the perfect parent, but we all still feel frustration and despair bubbling beneath the surface. There is a way to adapt to your changing family, strengthen your relationships and reconnect. You are in the right place to start this journey.


An outside therapeutic perspective in a healing environment can help you, your partner, and your kids have more authentic, respectful, and loving relationships. Things may not go “back to normal,” but together we can build a healthier path forward.


I work with individual clients ages 12-25 and families of all identities. If you are parenting teens or young adults that are trying to leave the nest we may be a great team to work together.  I enjoy working with individuals on issues such as anxiety, depression, low self-worth, or identity exploration (including LGBTQ+ families). I also enjoy working with families on conflict between family members, transitional stages, or issues related to military life. My clients describe me as warm, playful, and transparent. 


I genuinely believe that being a therapist is a sacred privilege. I am committed to honoring the strength it takes for you to allow me this privileged position in your life and with your family. My philosophy on therapy is this: you own your story, your story does not own you. 


I’d love to join you in exploring your story and finding your unique path for healing.

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