We are a team of therapists who believe in affirming therapy focused on change. 

Therapy may be the next step in your healing journey. 

We specialize in helping clients through therapy in the following:


Mood Concerns and Depression

Anxiety and Panic

Recent and Distant Trauma - EMDR Treatment

Obsessive and Compulsive Concerns

Affirming LGBTQ+ Therapy

Gender Affirmation and Transition Support

Family Therapy



Meet Our Team

Hi, I'm David. 

I help adults who feel overwhelmed, anxious and depressed. People who are tired of feeling like they are never really good enough begin to know change is possible. 


Hi, I'm Cindy. 

I help adults heal from recent and past trauma with EMDR.  I am intuitive and creative in therapy.  I also help families learn to communicate in meaningful ways.  


Hi, I'm Brandt. 

I help adults who feel stuck, panicked and sad.  I work with clients who are ready for a change and are looking for support and challenge in therapy.  


Hi, I'm Zakary. 

I help adults who dealing with hard emotions, coming out, and working on developing a truly positive LGBTQ+ identity. I work to help my clients overcome internalized negative feeling, anger, and depression.


Hi, I'm Angie.

I help adults develop the skills they need to address their problems, while also working through past relationship patterns and the events that may have contributed to problems in living.  


Hi, I'm Michael.

I help clients who feel anxious, depressed, and uncertain. I work from a strengths-based perspective and believe that knowing and utilizing your strengths leads to a more positive future.   


Hi, I'm Rosalie. 

I help adults, families, and couples through tough emotional times, parenting problems, and rebuilding trust in relationships.    


Meet Our Therapist Interns

Join our team.

If you would like to join a dedicated, driven, and affirming team of therapists read more about our practice.

Applicants fully licensed for independent practice in Kentucky are strongly encouraged to apply.


Hi, I'm Amanda. 

I help adults who are anxious, burned out, and working on identity development. Together we can begin the deep dive into your area of concern.


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