Sunrise on Nature

Damon Tichenor


“It wasn't supposed to be this way. I thought that I'd have it figured out by now.” 

“I made a plan, I stuck to it, and I still feel lost. Where did things get off track?”

Maybe the path you chose hasn't panned out the way you thought it would. 

Despite having achieved what you worked toward, you’re now facing a future with more uncertainty than when you started. 

Feelings of excitement and curiosity you remember before have slipped away. These overwhelming emotions of uncertainty, anxiety and depression can be a weight on your shoulders but counseling can bring  reconnection to one’s self and that joy that you remember. Better yet, by seeking out assistance you’re already taking an important step towards improving your well-being. 

Clients describe feeling on edge, having trouble focusing on responsibilities, and may struggle to see the point in life.  Some describe feeling disconnected from friends, family, and their own desires.

As your therapist, we can collaborate to create an opportunity to ease these burdens by exploring what has led you to where you are today. Through working together we can help move you toward connectedness, compassion (toward yourself and towards others), and a renewed sense of purpose.

I will be a therapist who cultivates a warm, welcoming environment that encourages open discussions about your thoughts and feelings, deeper personal reflection and hopes for the future. I enjoy building collaborative relationships with people to help them identify their values and overcome their challenges. Together, I work with clients to help you reconnect with yourself to find the drive that helped you to succeed in the first place. 

I am a pre-doctoral therapist working under the direct supervision of Dr. David Pascale Hague.  In the past I have worked at the Eastern Kentucky University Psychology Clinic and taught college courses in psychology and research methods.  In my own life I seek to learn and experience the uniqueness that life has to offer through every interaction. I cannot go without music and I enjoy playing basketball, riding my bike, and enjoying the company of my animals.  I hope to meet you soon and get to work together on your goals.