Sunrise on Nature

Courtney Wright


Life involves suffering and that can often be frustrating, unpleasant, and uncomfortable to say the least. Sometimes our suffering becomes so big that it feels like there is a stormy, rain cloud above our heads that just won’t go away. This cloud may represent living in a constant state of pain, worry, confusion, tension, fear, or anger. And living like that is bound to cause problems getting along with yourself or with others.


When we have forgotten what warm, sunny days with a gentle breeze are like; or we no longer have time for ourselves or our loved ones; or we feel hopelessly stuck, it might be time for a change. Where can we go or who can we talk to when we have forgotten who we are, what it’s like to feel happy, or what really motivates us? The answer, for many, is therapy! What about relationship problems like fighting, sex, commitment issues, or feeling unseen and unheard? You’re still on the right track, therapy is an option!


Therapy is a place you can step into being your whole self. I don’t expect you to be someone you’re not.  The only person I want you to be is you, even if we spend most of our time together discovering who that person actually is and how to be them.


 I find my joy in many places and at work that looks like:

  • helping you learn how to set boundaries so that you can thrive at home, at work, and in relationships

  • working with you to learn more about yourself so that you can be successful on your own terms

  • processing bad things that happen sometimes, like losing someone you love or facing injustice to promote healing

  • allowing you the space to feel any emotion you need to without having to put others first or hide your true feelings

  • listening to your story, your hopes, and your dreams and figuring out how to make them a reality


Therapists are regular people, with dogs (or people who really want to get a dog), partners, families, student loans, favorite Netflix shows,and days when we really need a vacation.

How does that sound? Do you think you would be willing to trust me to help you get to trust yourself, heal yourself, or better know yourself? If you want to learn more, and you think I could be the right person for you, then let’s talk. I promise we can also laugh together too.