Sometimes I still feel like an imposter. I am glad to say most days it doesn’t occur and I can carry on without much concern.  But other times the voice still can creep in. The one that tells me I’m not worthy, or that people will soon discover that I don’t belong.  Doubts can still exist. The feeling of being an imposter in our careers, our lives, and our families is more common than anyone cares to admit.  Isn’t it funny that so many of us feel like frauds, but we are all too scared to...

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As a psychologist I am really a pro at asking questions.  When I am starting to work with a client there are lots of things we cover so that we can clearly make a plan for therapy and so we can understand how the past and present may be impacting you as a person.  I always point out that the folks I serve can ask me questions too. Sometimes this surprises people.

 It is my philosophy that building a collaborat...

I am so excited to get to meet you.  Being a psychologist has been my life long dream and I am so pleased to bring you this blog and to share my ideas with you.  

There is so much good stuff ahead.



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