Did you ever say it as a kid?  "When I grow up...." It seems like a promised land. In many ways it is!  I can eat candy to my hearts delight and make all my own choices - consequences included.   

But I have to admit the "grown up decisions" of life can be really hard.  Let me tell you a story...

Two years ago I was faced with a decision.  It was one of those moments when you have multiple options and making a choice for one really good thing means leaving something els...

I speak with a lot of people. Everyday I am honored to sit with my clients as they open up their hearts and speak with me. It is my privilege to work with these brave human beings. 

One of the hard moments we often encounter in session is the recognition that as much as we can work on ourselves and attempt to move ourselves forward we actually have very little say in getting other people to be ready to make changes. This is usually one of the moments in sessions when we recognize the...

So there is something weird I noticed about myself a few years ago.  I noticed it only because a friend pointed it out to me. 

I was holding my breath.

Like, alot!

I would be sitting in a meeting or having coffee with someone - and I would suddenly inhale deeply.  Like I had just come back to the surface in a pool.

I started to notice that I was holding my breath and didn't even realize it consciously until my friend pointed it out. What I started to notice was that when my th...

Why are you so angry?

Are you still feeling sad?

You should let that go?

Go ahead - you can cry - I am here with you...

Think for a moment about what you heard about emotions while you were growing up?  Was it nurturing or scary?  Did you learn that "boys don't cry." (BTW that is not true)  Did you learn that you should only express anger alone under the covers?  Did someone help you express your feelings in tough times?

Just take a minute and ponder...

Call it what you wil...

For more info feel free to contact me directly: david@claritylex.com


As a psychologist I am really a pro at asking questions.  When I am starting to work with a client there are lots of things we cover so that we can clearly make a plan for therapy and so we can understand how the past and present may be impacting you as a person.  I always point out that the folks I serve can ask me questions too. Sometimes this surprises people.

 It is my philosophy that building a collaborat...

I am so excited to get to meet you.  Being a psychologist has been my life long dream and I am so pleased to bring you this blog and to share my ideas with you.  

There is so much good stuff ahead.



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