Strengths-based psychotherapy is a version of therapy that focuses on your strengths and how those strengths can be used to help you achieve your goals. This may seem like an obvious solution, but it is quite different from types of therapy that emphasize one’s problems. Instead of being problem-focused, strengths-based psychotherapy looks at solutions and how you can achieve them using your unique character and personality. 

This is not a one-size-fits-all approach because strengths-base...

Sometimes I still feel like an imposter. I am glad to say most days it doesn’t occur and I can carry on without much concern.  But other times the voice still can creep in. The one that tells me I’m not worthy, or that people will soon discover that I don’t belong.  Doubts can still exist. The feeling of being an imposter in our careers, our lives, and our families is more common than anyone cares to admit.  Isn’t it funny that so many of us feel like frauds, but we are all too scared to...

This post originally appeared in the LINQ magazine, which is a publication of the PCSO in Lexington, KY.  

Feeling spent during the day?  Overwhelmed? Anxious? Are there times when you simply feel like you you are at the end your rope?  We sometimes focus on what we can do differently during the day time to deal with these feelings, but have you stopped to think about how you might change the night time routine to create a different experience throughout the day?

While the word “hygie...

When we model stress management and resilience for our families we teach life skills that will stick with them for a lifetime.  

Clarity Counseling Services is a mental health provider in Lexington, KY.  Dr. David Pascale Hague specializes in working with adults and families as well as LGBTQ* people across the lifespan.  Call us for more information: 859-429-1362

Please overlook my silly face in this thumbnail.  In this video I share 4 quick tips for being a better ally to the transgender community.

Dr. David Pascale Hague is the owner of Clarity Counseling Services, a mental health service in Lexington, KY. We specialize in work with LGBTQ* clients. 

Please call for more information.  859-429-1362

Sweaty palms, upset stomach, restless feelings?

But you know you have to have a talk...

Have you ever been in the spot where you know it's time to have a difficult conversation and it is so worrisome you aren't even sure where to begin?  It is so common and yet something we often do not want to discuss openly.

When we need to have a hard conversation with someone so many feelings can arise in us that cloud our thinking and distract us.  How we learned to handle the hard talks come from our...

Well here we are again.  The changing of the season - spring to summer.  Schools letting out, graduations, maybe time for vacations, more daylight in the evening, and time to reflect.  I wanted to just share a few thoughts today about what can sometimes happen with the changing of the season.  

So much good can come with the season change.  It can feel like a fresh start and a time to set some new habits.  On the other hand it can be frustrating when we take time to reflect...

Give these diffusion skills a try when you find you are feeling stuck with strong thoughts.  

When a loved one or a family member decides it is time to speak with you about their gender identity or talk to you about being trans* that is a moment when you have an amazing opportunity.

You get to show them you love them!

But in the moment we sometimes freeze.

These moments require you to be thoughtful and aware. Today let me share with you three ideas that can help you navigate supporting your child, family, member or friend.  

1) Do not make an assumption that you understand.  


What would it be like if you took time to draw, paint, or work with clay? To write a poem?  Even a haiku?

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