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Cindy Bowling, LCSW




Making an investment in yourself through therapy is an opportunity to explore patterns and problems, but more importantly, you can learn how to heal. That healing lets you develop the life that you deserve to live.

My approach comes from an intuitive and collaborative place. I know you are the expert on you, and together we work actively to create a safe place, free of judgment so that you reach the goals you have for yourself. I work to build trusting alliances by respecting all aspects of you and helping guide you toward solutions that are in line with your goals.

I blend evidence-based therapy approaches as I get to know you. Together we work to design a personalized path toward healing that works for you. I am an EMDR trained therapist.


I am a Licensed Clinical Social Worker with more than 20 years of experience working in the field. My career has been varied, but I have found that my true calling is to help people move toward a place of healing from events that have made their lives difficult or unmanageable. In my professional work I truly believe that, on a basic level, we all want to be seen and understood. In our work together, I will strive to create a safe, open space, free from judgment, to create a working relationship with you so that you can better understand and heal from problematic or traumatic events in your life. 


Human beings are wired for connection and when that connection is damaged, interrupted or simply not present, difficulties can emerge.  I have seen in my professional and personal work that healing can and does occur. I work with individuals from 16 years through adulthood to collaborate and work toward emotional healing. In my therapeutic career, I have worked with clients to address depression, anxiety, and trauma which includes recent traumatic events and more “complex” traumatic experiences that have taken place long ago or repeatedly over time. I also provide family therapy, a practice that is grounded in the importance of stability and connection.

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