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Brandt Briggs, Ph.D., LPCC-S
Offering Individual Counseling and Clinical Supervision  


Are you faced with a vast array of daily pressures? As a business professional you often feel pressure to meet high expectations as an individual and in your work, and many around you want to know what you can do for them. In the fast paced business environment, this can be exhausting and stress-inducing.

My goal is to help provide a space where you can be free of agendas, establish ways to free up your time, hone your emotional intelligence skills, and provide a space that allows you to express yourself outside of your professional expectations. My understanding is that when a business professional is seeking counseling services they have concrete goals, and they want to see results in a timely fashion. It is my goal to get you through your immediate needs for your overall well-being, determine best methods to function at home and at work, and help you work through any areas of deficiencies. The expectation is that working through these areas in a concise manner will allow you to become a stronger person and professional.


Therapy is a great way to address many of the areas that may be holding you back from achieving your goals professionally and personally. Through my own professional experience I know that it can be difficult to be responsible for so many other's daily needs. Having a therapist who can help you sort through the stress of work and personal issues can often help relieve some of the mental energy being used in unhealthy areas and focus that energy back into more successful pathways.

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